Specialized for over 17 years in bar code reading and time attendance





 This terminal with its CMOS CPU reads reliably and fast thin bar codes of small labels. By the laser technology even far distant packages can be scanned. Programming work can be performed by computer scientists by JEL.

Portable laser terminal DBP5520
with back lit 8 lines diplay
Laser optics with max. 40 cm reading distance
23er rubber keyboard, Beeper
2 x Mignon batteries with max. 100 hours actual working time
16 bits CMOS CPU, 1 MB RAM , real-time clock
Weight approx.. 250 g
Bar code
ITF 2/5
EAN 128
EAN 8/13
Code 128 A, b, C
Check digit in/out
Docking station (without battery charger)
fits into the vest pocket



Programming language C  
Macro Generator MobiXpert