Specialized for over 17 years in bar code reading and time attendance





(C) Copyright JEL GmbH



 Programmed in Java for Linux -, Unix -, Macintosh and Windows systems
Transmission data program and file handling
Complete development environment (professional license)
With macro generator (professional license)
With simulator
Programming environment for the Portable terminals: DPB5XXX, PT600, PT630, PHL1600, PHL 1700

 Multilingual version: German, English, Dutch, Spanish
Other Language could be added

Licence Models

 Demo version : can be transferred free of charge by Download or CD

 All functions, with exception of storing new makro-Programs are permitted.

User licence: is added on the purchase of a terminal (JEL)
The built-in functions of the data - and the program - transmission are activated.

Professional licences: There are licenses for the following periods: 1 month and 1 year and for unlimited time. We offer optional the service contract. JEL offers the programming of the macro programs after the requirements of the customer..