Specialized for over 17 years in bar code reading and time attendance




Our Profile

 Jannsen electronic is founded as engineer's office in July 1986. In the first years we dedicated our attention to develop programs and electronic equipment for the pharmacy. So a tablet balancing mechanism and a post office bar code printer were developed. In July 1989 the legal form JEL GmbH Jannsen electronics was established. Then at the CeBit 1990 our first own product - the JELCard - the first bar code decoder on pcb for the PC - was introduced. To the CeBit 1991 the JELTIMER - as one of the first time registration program for the PC - was introduced. Both lines are further-maintained and supplemented by extensive accessories.

 We distribute essentially the products of these manufacturers:


Selling of bar code reader, mobile data terminals, systems to collect data in factories and product lines, registration of data in industry and universities.

 We accomplish specific developments and adjustments according the requirements of our customers.

 Our customers apreciate the unbureaucratic assistance of our technicians. So we make the necessary repairs for the terminals and bar code readers. Examinations of the software can be made immediately by a PC- remote access software like PCAnywhere. So the repairs are settled faster and cheaper.