Specialized for over 17 years in bar code reading and time attendance





A rugged, compact, portable Data Collection terminal with an easy and powerful programming tool. The PT630 is designed to meet various business applications both in supply chain management and field service.
Its’versatile design will satisfy various business demands ranging from pick up and delivery, meter reading and retail inventory control to warehouse management.

This lightweight (only 230g) computer is rugged, surprisingly easy to handle. It is capable to withstand 1.5 meter multiple drop to concrete floor and is water resistant (IEC 60529 compliant to IP54)

PT630 also offers an optional Windows-based application generator-JobGen Plus. It’s “drag and drop”, and “point and click”style of programming requires little or no programming experiences. JobGen Plus ensures any system integrates with PT630 fast and easy.

When we first design PT630; we make sure it is capable of installing differet barcoce scanners or RFID readers. PT630 provides many optional auto-ID modules, as much as the entire AIDC industry can offer.

Main Features
  • Fully Rugged, Water resistant (IP54 rated)- withstand water splash 1.5M multiple drop to concrete
  • Ergonomic and compact, Weights only 230g
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Flexible Support: various barcode and RFID reader
  • Provide multiple memory configurations
  • Back-lit LCD display:
    128x64 pixel, display up to 20x8 or 16x4 characters
  • Keypad:
    Built-in 27 keys phosphorescent keyboard; offering true single hand operation
  • Power:
    Li-ion battery capable of up to 12 hours of operation

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